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Boise, Idaho
Jill Knapp is a wife and a mother of 3 children. Since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes Jill has lost 100 pounds. It has led her to a new foundation to help others get healthy and fit.  Jill's inspiring weight loss story has been featured on the Dr. OZ show, First For Women... Full Bio
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Fast Loss Smoothie

I have had about 20 emails in the past few days asking for my shake recipe so I said I would post it at the top! To good health! Jill’s...

100 pounds gone

100 pounds gone.  

Featured on Health Monitor Magazine.

I am so blessed to be featured on Health Monitor magazine. To read the articleClick here: "Get Up and Get...

Jill Knapp Featured on Health Monitor Magazine

I am so blessed to be featured on Health Monitor magazine. To read the article Click here: "Get Up and Get Moving"

Filming of “Second Act” – Vitality Yahoo

I am so humbled by today. Filmed 12 hrs today with the team of producers and camera crew from Yahoo “Second Act” – Vitality. Thank you to all of...


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Apr 21 2011 by Wanda H.

Thank you Jill.  Thank you for thinking of me and remembering my daughter.

Blessing to you

Jan 20 2011 by DorothyL L.
You are what you eat....A fact that I live by personally. I am all about veggies and fruits as being a huge part of my daily food intake. Good luck with your new goals~
Feb 19 2010 by Scott W.
Great story read it from the email that was sent out.  keep up the great work
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