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California 37303
Endurance athlete. Entrepreneur. Founder and President of two fitness ("well") related websites:,  
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Emily Malone

Alexandria, North Carolina
nutrition facts lover. vegetarian chef. marathon runner. culinary arts graduate. country music maniac. failed dog trainer. hot yoga fanatic. peanut butter addict.

Whitney Kailos

Williamsburg, Virginia
My name is Whitney and I am a 21 year old soon to be college graduate maintaining balance and a healthy lifestyle while battling daily stressors life throws our way. I am an avid runner, I am applying to graduate programs in the fall for public health, I love nutrition, health, and wellness and am passionate about learning new invigorating facts to share with people. I recently found out I...


Arlington Heights, Illinois
I'm pretty much your average twenty-something chick just looking to keep healthy, eat right, and run her booty off!!