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American Airlines stops gluten-free meals on domestic flights

I just got back from a trip to Alaska, which was fabulous!  There was one blemish on my flawless experience; American Airlines does not serve any...

Miraculously delicious Mrs. Crimble's Cheese Bites

I saw these Mrs. Crimble's sour cream and onion cheese bites at Central Market today and thought I'd give them a try. They are flaky,...

Rocky Mountain Popcorn - Gluten free and delicious

On a recent late-night drive from Austin I stopped at a truck stop to find some snackage to help me stay awake. To my surprise, I came across...

Gluten Free at the Food Shark in Marfa, TX

On a recent road trip, I was bemoaning the fact that I never got to eat at "cool" restaurants like a normal person. Well, I'm not sure...

Baatar in Bedford

Baatar - 1925 Airport Freeway, Bedford, TX Last night I ate at Baatar for the third time and felt no gluten symptoms, so I feel confident in...

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