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Jessie Ann James

My name is Jessie James and I run a health blog at  I strive to learn about all things health and the best ways to treat my body.  I'm a professional dancer currently living in Las Vegas with my new husband.  Fitness is what makes me happy and keeps my body... Full Bio
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It’s Monday…. So Let’s Have a Nordstrom Giveaway!

Monday’s are hard right? Especially when you get off a plane at 11 pm the night before and work the next morning at 8 am. Monday’s are for...

Why I Will Never Turn The Radio On Again…..

I’m sure you all know the words to Meghan Trainors “All About That Bass” by now as it is all over the radio. Did you hear that she has...

5 ways to stay on top of your “diet” + {my whole30 goals}

Now I put diet in quotations because I don’t really believe in diets, but I do believe in eating a certain way to support your body. I have...

I sometimes hate football season

I  have a confession to make…. I am not a fan of couch watching football.  I think its fun to go to the games, wear your team shirt, and...

Disney Magic

we absolutely love when family comes to visit us in sunny California.  like the disney kids we are, we sprung for season passes and felt...

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