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Jessica P.

Washington, District of Columbia
My name is Jessica Pung, I am 23 years old, pursuing my dreams and loving life in Washington, DC. I have always been interested in healthy living. I grew up with an unstable relationship with food, I was often put on diets by my pediatrician and eventually succumb to an eating disorder in high... Full Bio
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Trying to Stay Warm

Happy Tuesday all! Hope everyone is having a good one. I started out the day on a chilly note: it's super cold and windy for DC standards. I...

Tis the Season

Tis the season for... holiday decor, comfort food (gf lasagna from whatever I could pull from the kitchen), naps during the middle of...

Shortcut Risotto

Hey all! I hope everyone had a delicious gluten-free Thanksgiving. I enjoyed gf stuffing, gf gravy and loads of other naturally gf treats! I've...

Work Dinners

There are a few months out of the year when it seems like all I do is go out to dinner with clients. Eating out and being gf can present some real...

Food for Thought

Last Thursday, ABC Nightline aired this segment about going gluten free. The emphasis was put on the gluten free diet "fad." Personally, I know...

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