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Holographic Haiku and Genetic Futures: Poet Alexandria Peary on Fertility and Follain

Poet Alexandria Peary Editor’s Note: We ran Alexandria’s poems Fertility, After Follain, Oh Massachusetts and Rattle in May of 2013. We...

The Politics of Motherhood and Poets Writing Fiction: An Interview with Laurie Klemme

You probably noticed our postings here at The Fertile Source have been fewer and farther between. Under the rigorous demands of sustaining our...

Poems by Christine Stewart-Nuñez

Fluidity With the ocean’s tidal slap at my feet, I search for scallop, whelk, conch, clam. My basket fills until waves fold over a...

The Naming, by Anna Wildfong

The Naming By Anna Wildfong We start suggesting names for the new boy or girl in the seventh hour of interstate 80    the first...

Poems by Emily Lake Hansen

For My Son, Who Is Not Allergic to Eggs I am learning to cook eggs: crack them open against the pan, dispose of the shells, wash my...

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