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Huntington, West Virginia
i am vegan, and i like to eat.  i feel like i am living proof that eating a vegan diet can be incredibly healthy and interesting, besides the added benefits of living a cruelty-free life and helping to save the environment...all by making a few easy decisions about what to put in my... Full Bio
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back to the future

Hi, all. I've decided to recreate my blog over on Wordpress. The posts here are from...before. Life is changed, different, big, exciting, wow...

epic proportions

Last night I made an epic bagelburger at 3 am and my roomie demanded that I blog about it. He is not vegan, nor does he even read my...

hey, good lookin'...what you been cookin'?

Yes, I've been gone for a long while. Yes, I do have a legitimate reason or two. You will most likely figure out this reason within the next...

failing at vegan mofo

It's cold outside. We are scraping by on very little money this month. Not many groceries (ok, zero groceries) have been bought. This is all I...

Vegan Mofo day 7: get your orange on.

It's getting to be that time of year when I get super excited about all things orange and sweet and fabulous. Pumpkins and winter squash, my...
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