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    I love my family they mean the world to me. My mom, my sister and my nice i could not live a day with out them. my grandpa and grandma mean the world to eachother, so they mean the world to me. They are so in love, it is so VERY romantic. As for me i am just me. i have a BIG hart, i dream to much,  wish alot, wonder why, pray all the time, hope these a way...     I like to eat. and hang with my family, shop, watch shows like, N.C.I.S. AND... Full Bio
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how can i lose 22 to27 in'' in like 3 to 4 mouths...?

I want to know the right way to lose weight, diet, exercise, etc, I want to lose 22 to 27 in’’ in 3 to 4 mouths so in need real good advice that...

how dose a girl get a ''six pack''...?

i am so bad at working my abs, i do crunchies and pushups and all kinds of things i just can't get great abs. Whats up?

what i am tyerd HOW ON EARTH can i get going... to Exercise

Sometimes i can be so tyerd i have no clue why??? but i know i need to Exercise i just feel i can't do anything, hua.... how can i get myself going....

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Welcome on board, Cheers!
Sep 28 2010 by Jessica Dawn
I cleaned the house for a hole 3 and a half hours today and aso did 3 planks and 20 squits!