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uh-oh noticing patern of dropping healthy eating habits...

I had A vegetable that waws greenin the last week, the sad thing is this is typical

oh yeah, the wellpoints.

OK, Three veg in my pasta sauce, but I only had one serving, . Problem, the log wont accept 1.5 as an entry, l tried several times:( why is it an...

Easter dinner! Surprize, it's Easter!

What more can I say, it was a fine meal the roast was superb! For dessert we had my new favorite, sour cream apple pie --WOW, soo good!


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Apr 02 2008 by Chef Jeff R.
the mo' no donuts, the bettah
Mar 24 2008 by Jesse C.
I'm eating two vegetables a day, so far so good, this really works. It works because it's public but not personal, not really. You could lie but it's a pact with yourself always anyway.  I'm not counting fruit, 'cause I love it and I'm not counting starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn. I like vegetables, but I still have trouble putting two on the plate everyday. That's for later!