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A 23-year-old foodie on a quest to lose weight, run a marathon, and live healthy.
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En. Es. Vee.

En. Es. Vee. (NSV) also known as non-scale victory. Sometimes we focus so much on the number on the scale that we lose sight of...

One Day At a Time

After last week’s poor eating, my mind was only filled with negative thoughts. And all I could do was compare myself to my previous self....

The Self-Sabotaging Crisis

So I’ve been kicking my ass at the gym, and it feels good. Really good. But I haven’t been eating clean. At all. And you can’t work off a...

Moving Forward

2011 was a long, long year. And it definitely did not turn out as I planned. I got sick, had to put a hold on law school (again), and then...


Happy 2012. Yes, I am alive! More to come later. Much happened in 2011, some good, some bad, but overall a learning experience, so I guess not...

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