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Jess McB

Christchurch, New Zealand
I am a 25 year young female in New Zealand. I have designed my blog to help others who might be looking for answers to their questions about hip impingement and labral tears. Going through the process of diagnosis and treatment myself, I know the run-around a lot of these patients get to find... Full Bio
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One Year On

Yep, a whole year today since my FAI surgery!  How do I feel?…GREAT!  I am so pleased I had it done.  I am nearly 27 weeks into my pregnancy and...

Where Have I Been?

I have kind of neglected this blog for a while and I guess that’s because my life has taken a turn in another direction and I have more important...

Two Of Every Animal?

KIRK HARGREAVES ~ THE PRESS ~ SNOW CONES: Porters Pass, on State Highway 73 between Springfield and Arthur's Pass, has been closed by...

My Aching Feet!

That's It? Another microscope moment brought to you by Jess's radiology Went to the podiatrist last week.  She couldn’t get...

No Wonder It’s Sore

Apart from showing up to my appointment too early this morning and having to sit in the car for half an hour it went well.  Mr R tried his...

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