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Jeremy R.

I try to live a sober life one day at a time. I will talk about my challenges, triumphs & observations and hope it helps
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The Other Side

Well here I am on the other side!  A newly-wed,  a married man. Words will never express how beautiful the day was, I've never felt such out...

I've been in some great meetin ...

I've been in some great meetings lately and surprise surprise, I feel SO much better, SO much more a part of and life is easier. Persepctive is a...

C+ Student

My whole career in high school was defined by this letter, the letter C. Somewhere along the way, I heard that a C wasn't a bad thing, I heard...

Click, Click Click

There's no place like home. Not only am I in LOVE with my new neighborhood, house, garden etc. I also feel like I am going to fit right in at...

I'm Back

Recovery is a process. Hi! by the way. It's been way too long but I look forward to writing again but more so reading. Life has gotten huge...

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