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Hey there, I'm Jenysha! I'm a writer + poet on a mission to inspire you to engulf in an intimate, delicious, curious, loving, grateful, awe-inspiring relationship with life, with yourself & the Divine.
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We Are Going to Go

{Prior to writing this poem, I had no knowledge of the tragedy that occurred today in CT. My  heart, love & prayers goes to each family & each...

Leave It All Behind

Leave behind your art like leaves that fall from ripe Autumn trees. Let it carry in the wind. Fall upon the grass, be...

Are You Making Soul-Centered Connections?

What does it matter how many people you follow on Twitter vs. how many people follow you? What does it matter how many “likes” you get on...

Beautiful & Alive

Come Have a seat beside me & together view this sacred land. Tell me, how does it differ from the sacredness inside of you? It...

{Guest Post} The Answers Are Within

In our physical reality, everything begins with thought, which is a powerful form of energy. Everything arises and manifests from thought....

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