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I am a professional photographer in Milwaukee, WI. I've lost 50 pounds, and am still on the journey of weight loss with another 25 pounds to my goal weight. I blog about life as well as my weight loss and health adventures. Be prepared to see work of mine, photos from weddings, my obsessions... Full Bio
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Wednesday Weigh-in Day!

Okay, whoops.  It's Thursday.  But shiz gets crazy. So!  I've been maintaining a vegan diet, mostly low-fat other than some EVOO and avocado,...

Holy crap. I'm back.

Hello my darlings. It's been ***EIGHTEEN*** months since my last post.  Holy crap, indeed. As you can imagine, it's been the same virtual...

Quick Update!

I've had some people asking if I'm okay.  HA!  Apparently that means I've been a bad EHG and haven't updated here enough.  (Obviously.) I'm...

Oh, alcohol!

Well, I'm officially taking a little break from my social drinking.  A whole evening of drinking is equivalent to a whole day's worth of food......

Veggie Pasta Spirals! GREAT Deal!

First of all, just a quick reminder to come "like" me over on Facebook!  While I might not post here ALL the time, I do post little tidbits,...

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