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Jan 25 2009 10:10pm
I have GERD and was on Protonix when I got pregnant.  The OB suggested trying Pepcid... more
Jan 26 2009 6:52am
According to my doctor, you can take an antacid such as Tums throughout pregnancy. ... more
Dec 15 2008 12:54pm
At 38 weeks, a pregnancy is considered full-term.  There would be no chance of a... more
Dec 15 2008 12:49pm
The first test may have been negative befcause it was too early to take the pregnancy... more
Dec 15 2008 12:47pm
Yes. Parsnips are high in folate, so they are very good for pregnancy. more
Dec 15 2008 12:43pm
If you had your period a few weeks ago and haven't had sex in over a month, you probably... more
Dec 15 2008 12:37pm
Yellowish mucus at 36 weeks sounds like your mucus plug.  Nothing to worry about.  Your... more
Dec 15 2008 12:33pm
Pretty much.  Egg whites have the same consistency as fertile cervical mucus, so yes... more
Dec 15 2008 12:30pm
Chances are, it wasn't your mucus plug.  From your description, it sounds like regular... more
Nov 24 2008 4:21pm
Birth control pills are out of your system almost immediately, which is why they tell... more
Nov 24 2008 4:10pm