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I went suddenly deaf in 1975 at age 4 of unexplained causes. I wore a hearing aid in my one... Full Bio
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Vanderbilt Image-Guided Mapping Test Results

You know it's time to update your blog when total strangers email you asking for updates :) I had results in hand Monday afternoon but it's been a...

One week:

...and I still love my new mapping. I was invited to be on a cochlear implant panel in Chattanooga over the weekend. All the manufacturers were...

Day four:

On the fourth day today of this new program. And I still like it. There is an ongoing discussion in several different circles about the fact that...

Research study, day one :)

I know it's been a long time since I've written anything here. When you're implanted, everything is new and exciting and overwhelming. There is a...

Research study article:

is here. I'll be reviewing my impressions with it tonight and over the next few days as I try it out for myself. Check the article out to see what...

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