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Columbia, Missouri
This blog documents the (mostly Mexican) cooking and gardening adventures of an environmentally conscious veg*n with the (sometimes more than) occasional rant from myself or my partner in crime, Brett. Our goal is to live a more sustainably, locally, environmentally and socially conscious... Full Bio
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All Right, and Moving On

Okay, enough guest posts and shoe talk for awhile. Keep bringing on the ideas for fast vegetarian meals, as being a freelancer, and, well, a...

J's Personal Experience With Earth Solar Shoes

As many of you who read this blog well know, I have actively lived a no car lifestyle for quite some time now. As such, that means a lot of...

Cold Snowy Weather and the Joys of Winter In Illinois

Oh my goodness! Two blog posts in a week's time - this is serious! I was in the mood to do a blog post, and as I have been neglecting my blog...

Gotta Love Life

I'm honestly not sure if there is anyone out there who still bothers to read my humble little blog, but I am still drawn to it, even after all...

Introducing a Guest Post About Stevia

Hello all. As you know, I've been working on freelance writing for some time now. Though it doesn't happen often, there are occasions when you...
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