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I am Jennifer Pereira, Registered Dietitian and Certified Strength/Conditioning Specialist. I write posts that challenge common beliefs about what it means to be healthy. I do this because the current message seems to be causing more harm than good. If you want to learn what it really means to... Full Bio
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Do you have a healthy relationship with exercise?

In the fall of 2010, I started my first semester of college at Baylor University. At this point in time, not realizing I had a problem, I was...

Eating Disorders Not Just for the Young

Eating disorders. We know now that they are not specific to runway models and actresses. I don’t believe that society understands the vastness...

Maybe I should diet? Nah…

If you are familiar with Jennifer’s blog and website, you probably know that we follow the eating approach called “Intuitive Eating”. Sometimes...

Julia Bluhm… Winning.

Ahh Julia Bluhm. if you have been keeping up with our blog here, you may recognize the name. No, it’s not some famous celebrity or actress....

Extra! Extra!

There have been some really awesome strides made in the body image world lately, and there a lot of people speaking out about it. Check out some...

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