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Mother of 3 young children (5 year old twins & 3.5 year old) in the Bay Area
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Mar 31 2009 by familyhoque

You and I seem to be living parallel lives, only several hundred miles apart.  I too have a 4 year old (almost 5 he tells me) who is allergic to eggs and nuts.  His older brother started Kindergarten in September 08 and I was totally overwhelmed by all the details I needed to absorb, sort, and respond too.  I am also greatful that my older son is not allergic and I can build a report with the staff during this year--I'll feel far more comfortable placing the allergic child in the hands of someone I know.

 I've spent nearly an hour reading your blog--I came here via a Google search for Macaroni Grill allergens.  How excited I was to learn that they have such thorough menus available!  I have dined at Chili's succesfully with the sensitive child---I typically print the menu off-line and cross reference before we go.  That way I can talk with my son about his options and, should he want something such as a hamburger, we can take a bun along with us (soy is a problem too so we avoid most baked goods at restaurants).  The staff we deal with are helpful and are the ones who told me that we could bring food items from home to round out the meal.

I'll be checking in regularly.  Thank's for all the information, honesty, and humor you've shared.



Holt, MI
Feb 22 2009 by Nicole B.

I saw your posting for "You know your the parent of a food allergy kid when..."  it was great!  I know you are no longer living in the SFV, but if you know of people who are....I am in the process of starting a daycare for children ages 3-5 that is allergy-friendly, in honor of my daughter who has over 30 food and enviornmental allergies.  If you know of anyone that may be interested, feel free to send them to my site

Thanks for the laughs!  Great Blog!

Nicole Brown

Feb 01 2009 by Fanda

Hi Jennifer,

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