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Health Maven's Answer
Hi Huda, As a clinical aromatherapy practitioner, I have helped several people... more
Jul 12 2010 7:14am
Check your diet to make sure you are not eating or drinking anything with aspartame or... more
Jul 08 2010 9:52pm
Hi Denisak, Usually it is because when the face is pressing down on the face cradle... more
Jul 08 2010 9:36pm
Hello John, A massage client of mine completely overcame vertigo with a few... more
Sep 23 2009 9:44am
Hi brsachin186, Shakiness can happen when your blood sugar drops from not eating... more
Sep 22 2009 6:50am
Hi Angela, Often hormone fluctuations can cause dizziness. In many cases, it can... more
Sep 20 2009 6:00pm
Hi Savings, Aromatherapy is my area of interest and experience in natural medicine.... more
Sep 19 2009 7:37pm
Hi Jeanie, Might want to visit a wellness focused chiropractor (not just a back... more
Aug 30 2009 9:47pm
Hi Shay, I would definitely have that checked by your gyno. Sometimes a boil can... more
Aug 30 2009 9:39pm
Hi dmwilliams, Tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia essential oil) is powerful for... more
Aug 30 2009 9:32pm