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Dec 21 2009 by jpmart
I had liposuction over 6 months ago and have pain on my left side where the hip and muscle meet.  It is hard yet spongy to the touch and sensitive to the touch(sharp needle like pain).  I had a fall on that side around a month after surgery from rollerblading.  Would this have caused the healing to have not heal correctly and have damaged it forever?  Please help..
Sep 04 2009 by Christine D.
I also have very bad lower back pain. Is there anything else that could be causing this? I pretty positive that the spotting was not my period since I did not have to use a pad/tampon.
Sep 04 2009 by Christine D.
I have had itchy armpits that have turned dark, bluesh veins around areola (I noticed them in the shower), breasts feel fuller, and I had pink/brown spotting on toilet paper about five days ago, but I tested negative. Could I still be pregnant?
Jan 23 2009 by harveyprince

hello Jennifer

Love your blog

harvey prince