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I am a socially conscious, feminist, 33-year old, with a dry sense of humor, and a compassionate... Full Bio
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Very Disturbing Difficulties from Side Effects (chronic major urinary retention)

I hate to vent here again so soon after my last venting post, but I'm really upset about my medications. My medications have worked...

Having a Narcissistic, Abusive Mother (on top of having Schizoaffective Disorder)

Recently I wrote a post about Mother's Day and why it's a nightmare. I'm coming to terms right now with the fact that I have a narcissistic...

Tips for Managing Life with Chronic Illness

There are some things that have helped me greatly improve my life; there are also things that I've done which made things worse rather than...

Sexual Assaults and Rape Prevention Tips (something I wrote went viral and I have a new blog)

In 2001 or 2002 or 2003 (I don't remember exactly when it happened), a guy I met on the internet on a dating website, took me to a motel. I...

When family holidays are a nightmare and you get to be treated like the outcast even though you were the one who got treated lik

That is me when I was three years old. At that age, I loved Sesame Street and cherished my red and white plastic record player. It...

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