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I am a socially conscious, feminist, 33-year old, with a dry sense of humor, and a compassionate... Full Bio
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Recognizing Paranoia and Feelings of Low Self-Worth

I would like to explain my last post. So, what happened was, someone left a comment (which I deleted), which said, "Jennifer, I saw you speak...

mental illness is not correlated with diminished intellect

So, I will be editing this at some other time, but if you have come to my personal blog to make fun of me, creating a fake blogger account and...

Cutting Negativity Out of Your Life

One of the more important things I've learned over I-don't-know-how-many years in therapy and/or just thinking to myself, is that I need to...

How to Build a Support System

I used to browse the self-help section of bookstores, as a teenager and young adult. I would always be searching for answers, most of which...

Criminalization of Persons Living with Mental Illness

I have been doing research for my senior seminar course in the social sciences. *(Yes, I am graduating later this year!). My research is for...

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