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Clearwater, Florida
I am a socially conscious, feminist, 33-year old, with a dry sense of humor, and a compassionate... Full Bio
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Speak up, agitate, organize, liberate, change the world by combatting stigma now! Tell your stories. Live with mental illness? S

Hey folks, Today was a great day! I got to attend a National Organization for Women function in a town about an hour away from where I...

Coping Through Tremendous Stress: Finding the Calm Inside the Storm

So this is going to be a post about coping skills. It's not going to be a litany of complaints about my life. I would prefer to briefly...

Reasons People with Chronic Physical and Psychiatric Disorders Avoid Emergency Rooms

Things you will learn if you live with chronic illness (particularly a combination of physical and mental illness - even though mental is also...

scary medical stuff, could really use your support

Hi folks, I'm scared and have few places to vent, so here goes I've been dealing with chronic illnesses since I was 19 years old and...

Autoimmune conditions and Mental Health (and a lot of junk going on with me)

So I'm going to be brief, because I'm using a library computer and have 12 minutes left. Here is what is going on - I'm severely...

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