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I am a socially conscious, feminist, 33-year old, with a dry sense of humor, and a compassionate... Full Bio
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Coping with Stress-Inducing Events, but Finding Ways to Fulfill my a goofy photo shoot

It's been a while since I've written here! Sorry, folks who read, that it has been so long. Things have been busy for me.  Recently,...

The Importance of Telling Your Story and Things I am Grateful for Now. Thanksgiving is Not the Only Time for Gratitude.

Today I am grateful for the Unitarian facility I attend, which some would refer to as a "church", but it is technically not...

PTSD? Let's discuss how to defend yourself when people abuse you and terrorize you. Let's discuss legal rights. I am not a scare

Sometimes life becomes a real nightmare. It's interesting to me, particularly as a feminist, that I am actually in a situation where...

Speak up, agitate, organize, liberate, change the world by combatting stigma now! Tell your stories. Live with mental illness? S

Hey folks, Today was a great day! I got to attend a National Organization for Women function in a town about an hour away from where I...

Coping Through Tremendous Stress: Finding the Calm Inside the Storm

So this is going to be a post about coping skills. It's not going to be a litany of complaints about my life. I would prefer to briefly...

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