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Jennifer A.

kent, Washington
This last year has been filled with so many exciting moments. I had my son and witnessed all of his firsts. I am getting married this New Years and I have kept busy helping Nikoli develop into the amazing person he is. Although I have allowed myself to use all these exciting things as reasons to not take care of myself. Between my excuses and lack of family and friends in this rainy state I have no help to push myself. I am changing that! I know I can take 30 minuets in a day to make myself... Full Bio
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Jennifer A. updated their goal to Stretch: 10 minutes 7 times per week. Dec 14 2009
Jennifer A. updated their goal to Avoid fast food. Dec 14 2009
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Mar 09 2012 by mdarnell

Miss you down here in CA!  My heart is with you and Nikoli - Call me whenever you want & whenever you can use a friend!

 You and Nikoli will have many great things ahead, Jennifer!  Respect all of the positive you are for each other!


Dec 14 2009 by mdarnell
You can do it, Jennifer! Think of the fastfood staff, not washing their hands in the bathrooms, picking up food off of the floor to toss onto product, scratching their hair and other places as they touch fast food! ... Helps ME to remember that! Go for it, lady!!

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