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I'm 26yrs old I am Married to a Wonderful Man! we have 2 Beautiful Children together A 3 yr old Girl and a 1 yr old boy. Love to knit and Sew and Do lots of arts and Crafts! We homeschool our Children. too many other things to list
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Well I guess signing up on here was a waste of time! by Jenna83 3 Comments Posted in: Blog Posts in Healthy Eating I guess signing up on here was a waste of my time As Absolutely Know one has even so much as said helloor welcome I have even  Responded to others and I get nothing from anyon ... Read on »
I have Reocurring headaches up behind my eyes,Over salivation, Dizzy, lose of apitite,Hot Flashes... by Jenna83 1 Comment Posted in: Questions & Answers in Migraine & Headaches I'm Genrally a Healthy Person I have Borderline Enemia and Asthma When I get the Very Sweaty Hot Flashes I Feel short of breath and think I will pass out so I go sit or lay do ... Read on »