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I'm 26yrs old I am Married to a Wonderful Man! we have 2 Beautiful Children together A 3 yr old Girl and a 1 yr old boy. Love to knit and Sew and Do lots of arts and Crafts! We homeschool our Children. too many other things to list
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Well I guess signing up on here was a waste of time!

I guess signing up on here was a waste of my time As Absolutely Know one has even so much as said helloor welcome I have even  Responded to others...

I have Reocurring headaches up behind my eyes,Over salivation, Dizzy, lose of apitite,Hot Flashes and nerly passing out

I'm Genrally a Healthy Person I have Borderline Enemia and Asthma When I get the Very Sweaty Hot Flashes I Feel short of breath and think I will...

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my last period is on 26 feb -3 march, and i had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend on 14 of march, i've taken 1 tablet of postinor2 4 hours after the unprotected intercourse and taking the 2nd tablet after 12 hours taking the 1st tablet. but after 3 days past, i haven't sees any side effect and i start on wondering. so am i gona have pregnant? the postinor2 tablet that i had taken is 0.75mg dose per tablet.

Feb 23 2010 by Jennifer L.
P.s you can change where you are from by going to My Wellsphere then going under My account then clicking on my account settings. Hope this helps :)
Feb 23 2010 by Jennifer L.
Hi Jenna, if you have a question you shouldn't post it on your whiteboard because not many people will see it unless they view your profile. If you have any questions you should post the topic in that community. Feel free to ask me if you would like help!

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