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About the Author Jenna Smith has been a competitive dressage rider (USDF bronze and silver medalist) for the past five years. Jenna danced her way (with Waldemar, her equine dance partner) to the victory gallop after winning 3rd place (for adult amateurs) at Prix St. Georges in Saugerties, New... Full Bio
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Best Morgellons Photos Website Link

Best Morgellons Photos Website Link

Morgellons research in Tulsa

Tulsa medical research lab studying mysterious condition known as Morgellons


This goes out to all who suffer from morgellons. Please watch and listen intently to this video, it will help you I...

Chem Webs Nano Fibers Part II Jerry Neimen watched chem webs falling fro the sky. We asked if he could carefully capture them and...

morgellons live on 40yr males face

morgellons live on patients face
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