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Dublin, Virginia
I recently asked a friend to write a paragraph that described me and this is what I received in return: "Born in the late 1970's, Jen was a go-getter from the get-go. She raised sheep until the age of 10, when she moved out on her own to start a business she called ?Sheep Keeper.? She... Full Bio
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We done gone and done it now

Those of you who know me and mine in real life picture this: Jen and Hubby, working together, calmly and with no disagreements to fix the...

Tink Time and other issues

I’m sitting in the middle of my living room, listening to the unending song of “Tinkerbell,” aka Fourthborn. There’s a lot about magic in this...

List of Happy

Sometimes the drama is so high around here it zaps all my energy and taps out my creativity. Things get quiet around the blog at those...

Monday Madness

I spent my hour this morning attempting to get with God and send the jokers out to play , as usual. And while I know that the attempt was...


At the end of the day, all I really want my life to amount to is a whole lot of love. I want the people who gather to say goodbye to  me to tell...

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