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The Silence

The following is a post I wrote in medical school that I never published. ***** “C’mon,” my resident called out to me, “Let’s go do...

Stomach Pain: It Continues – Part II

Part I can be found by clicking here: Stomach Pain: It Starts – Part I . ***** We sat quietly waiting in the waiting room. Again, we...

On Teaching

The following is something I wrote in 2009 while still a medical student: Teaching is a hard thing. By teaching I don’t mean explaining...

Three Wishes (published on The Differential)

The following is a post I wrote during medical school. ****** Questions are powerful. They stimulate thought. They encourage discussion....

Stomach Pain: It Starts – Part I

The following post is a personal story. Often I find myself on the treating side of a physician-patient relationship. In this case I found...

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