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Jeff K.

District of Columbia 20010
Hi everyone, I'm Jeff. I'm the Community Manager here, and everyday I wake up thinking of ways... Full Bio
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Nov 28 2014 by LUCINDACIRE
I would go all fruits and vegetables in a heartbeat. But I live wth my family and I have to cook for them. A bunch of meat lovers. How do I avoid other foods while cooking and dishing out their foods? I am still working on it.
Nov 28 2014 by LUCINDACIRE
Sorry I did not respond sooner. Had problems with tablet. Thanks however for the encouragement.
Dec 06 2012 by LUCINDACIRE
sorry it took me so long to get back here. i appreciate the encouragment....nice to know people are listening
Nov 09 2012 by Nasshh15
Hello Jeff, How are you? It's beena long time...I'm trying to update myself with the website...please help. Thank you!

Hi Jeff,

We noticed that our most recent blog post did not update on our Wellsphere blog. Is it something that we did wrong on our end? 

 Please forgive our over-eagerness, we are just so excited to be members of the Wellsphere community! 

Thank you in advance for your help, 


Aug 18 2012 by Lynn8307
Trying to figure out out how to post my pic on my profile. I copied a pic from my library and tried to paste it to the site. It wouldn't work. Can you help?
Mar 29 2012 by Amanda

A few months late on my response, but thanks Jeff!



Feb 25 2012 by chickasaw indian tribe
I tried to login with the info I signed up with but my info was not accepted
Jan 13 2012 by Ebuzz1
Hey Jeff, just wondering if you can give me some input, ive just noticed that it says that im from California, but im not, how do i change it to where im actually from?
Jan 13 2012 by Ebuzz1
Thanks Jeff, much appreciated for the support....Oh, & sorry accepting ur request so late, havent been on here in ages....well since last year a good day & Happy New Year :)