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Jeff K.

District of Columbia 20010
Hi everyone, I'm Jeff. I'm the Community Manager here, and everyday I wake up thinking of ways... Full Bio
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Stationary Bike Buddies This team is for people using stationary bikes to achieve thier health goals.
Team OBS: Stay Healthy This team is about staying healthy by exercising, eating a nutritious diet and following health-promoting lifestyle habits.
"The Preppies" Preparation before cooking takes the stress out of homecooking. Therefore, eating healthy at home is simple and enjoyable.
Pinker Thinkers. Eat healthy. Very welathy Do you drink water.... do you eat veggies and grains... ARE you healthy and not underweight
Passionate Living Conversation, sharing and support to find passion(s), and to live life more inspired!
Pro Fitness Camp Pro Fitness Camp participants and anyone interested in joining our camps and getting in the best shape of your life! Come see the Pro Fitness way of exercise and weight loss and get the same results every single one of these clients are getting!
Tea Sippers Team Are you interested in knowing more about tea and health? Green tea, Rooibos, White teas. Let's share our knowledge and reap the health benefits of sipping tea.
Martial Arts Training Team Training for your next belt? Learning to defend yourself? Training for exercise? Join us.
Marathon Training Team Training for a half marathon or marathon? Let's share training plans, success stories and cheer each other on along the way.
Yoga-goers Team Like yoga? Trying to get on a regular routine? Let's share our favorite poses and tips on staying motivated to go to class.