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Hi everyone, I'm Jeff. I'm the Community Manager here, and everyday I wake up thinking of ways... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Did you take the test when it indicated you should? Assuming you took it at the right... more
Dec 19 2011 7:01pm
Dec 17 2011 4:34pm
Have you been near something really loud lately? I had tinnitus for a few days after... more
Dec 19 2011 6:23pm
As a woman gets older it becomes more difficult to conceive, but you could still have... more
Dec 19 2011 6:21pm
It should be possible to take it within 72 hours, but be sure to talk to your pharmacist... more
Dec 16 2011 9:18pm
What's your question? more
Dec 14 2011 9:30pm
Hi, do you mean MRSA? more
Dec 14 2011 4:34pm
Do your medications have any special instructions? Like keep in a cool place or... more
Dec 12 2011 9:45pm
Personally that's a hard decision. Tissue isn't always around, but I've heard faucet... more
Nov 29 2011 6:41pm
Nov 28 2011 2:26am
So the appearance of legions is a symptom of herpes, but it could definitely not be... more
Nov 29 2011 6:38pm
Well ampetamine is used to treat ADHD so it is possible that it could show up in a... more
Nov 29 2011 6:09pm