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Hi everyone, I'm Jeff. I'm the Community Manager here, and everyday I wake up thinking of ways... Full Bio
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America's Decline in Healthy Living, and How We Can Become Healthier

  Lately healthy food trends as well as fitness initiatives have started to pop up all over America. This makes sense since according to the...

Favorite poses?

What are everyone's favorite poses? I love me some good downward dog and baby cobra. They just always help my back and legs feel wonderful.

Favorite Tea?

What's everyone's favorite tea? 

On having comorbidities of psoriasis

Do you have a comorbidity of psoriasis as well? Do you have psoriatic arthritis? How do you deal with both conditions? Which is more difficult...

Women and Children/Parenting with psoriasis

How much does the physical appearance of your psoriasis affect your mood, self-esteem and identity as woman?  Are there any situations that...

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Nov 28 2014 by LUCINDACIRE
I would go all fruits and vegetables in a heartbeat. But I live wth my family and I have to cook for them. A bunch of meat lovers. How do I avoid other foods while cooking and dishing out their foods? I am still working on it.
Nov 28 2014 by LUCINDACIRE
Sorry I did not respond sooner. Had problems with tablet. Thanks however for the encouragement.
Dec 06 2012 by LUCINDACIRE
sorry it took me so long to get back here. i appreciate the encouragment....nice to know people are listening