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As a person who has experienced ADD first hand and how negatively it can impact a person’s... More
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My Last Post….. And That’s The Way It Is

In September 2005 I started this blog and over time, I wouldn’t have dreamed it would become as read and visited as it has. Originally, this was...

ADD/ADHD – Your Schedule, Your Life!

I stumbled upon a three year old blog post on called Take Control of Your Schedule! Take Control of Your Life! by Marla Cilley...

Benjamin Franklin, $100 and ADD

I came across a good read on Linkedin called 14 Lessons From Benjamin Franklin About Getting What You Want In Life that was linked to Business...

ADD Organization With Miss Organized

As I’ve posted many times, organization is one of the key elements of managing ADD/ADHD. That clutter and chaos can tip the scales and create...

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