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* US Olympian * Author of top selling running books in North America, Galloway's Book on Running and Marathon You Can Do It! * Runner's World columnist * Inspirational speaker to over 200 running and fitness sessions each year * Designer of the walk-run, low mileage marathon training... Full Bio
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Mental Training for Runners: The Giant Invisible Rubber Band

When I get tired at the end of a hard race, I unpack this secret weapon and throw it around someone ahead of me or someone who had the...

Reason to Run: To help a friend get into running.

One of the very best ways to consolidate the items you’ve learned from exercise is to help someone get started. Not only will you realize how...

If You Don’t Give Up… You Win!

We don’t know the year we will leave this earth. But, if you mentally project yourself running until the century mark, and make the right...

Marathon FAQ

Question: Can anyone finish a marathon?  Answer: I’ve heard from well over ten thousand runners, including many in their 60’s and...

Coming Back After a Bad Race or Workout

All runners have bad days. The most prominent factor that sets a champion apart from others is the ability to move forward after a setback....
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