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* US Olympian * Author of top selling running books in North America, Galloway's Book on Running and Marathon You Can Do It! * Runner's World columnist * Inspirational speaker to over 200 running and fitness sessions each year * Designer of the walk-run, low mileage marathon training... Full Bio
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It’s Hot out There – Training for Hot Weather – Part 3

One day a week, you can train yourself to deal with the heat by inserting the hot segments below into your workout, even if you are starting...

It’s Hot out There – Part 2 – Heat Disease Alert – Symptoms/Risk Factors

Symptoms of heat disease: Intense heat buildup in the head, significant headache, general overheating of the body General confusion...

It’s Hot Out There, Part 1 - Heat Disease Alert - Prevention

The most common health problem among endurance exercisers is heat disease. This is a serious condition which has resulted in death in a high...

More Running Form: Acceleration-Gliders

To improve running form and efficiency, accelerations can help you greatly. When your form improves, a speed increase will occur...

Running Form: Cadence Drill - To correct over stride and keep feet low to the ground

The Research: Studies have clearly shown that as runners become faster, their stride length decrease. Therefore, the way to get faster is to...
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