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The Deaf Edge’s Moved

This blog has moved to a new domain: Be sure to update your bookmark and RSS feeds! All my best, ~ A...

Death to Deafness: Part 2

( Continuation from Part 1 ) Today’s and the Future’s Realities on Educating the Deaf This now leads us into the matter of the...

Death to Deafness: Part 1

Today, if one asked the average hearing person how they would picture a deaf person, odds are they would either think of the elderly,...

How To Fight Back

It goes without saying that there’s been an incredible upsurge in the AVT folks’ attempts to eliminate ASL from Deaf Education. The...

More Data On Numbers of MI Terps

Anyway, according to the DODHH interpreter database, Michigan has a total of 245 *state-qualified* interpreters, and a total of 207...

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May 05 2009 by Kathleen D.
Great profile pic, Jeannette. Completely agree : )

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