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Jeanette R.

I am a psychologist and expert on mind-body health issues and relationship stress. My blog tells real life stories of people that are challenged by relationship stress and intimacy issues that affect their health, including eating and weight problems, hair loss, frequent colds, sore throats and... Full Bio
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Five Tips on HOw To Conquer The Fear of Commitment – Part 2

Which of these options represents your view of commitment? A permanent jail where you give someone someone else authority over...

Why Does Your Partner Make No Room For You When You Try to Get Close?

    NO ROOM FOR YOU IN YOUR PARTNER'S WORLD   Are you locked out of your partner's heart no matter how hard you try to...

Why Your Partner Rejects You When You Try to Get Close – part 1

    Are you ready to give up on your relationship because your partner shuts you out and keeps you out each time you try to...

The Real Fear Behind Fear of Committment

  Are you longing to feel like you have a partner that is a good fit and that you are finally settling down, but wonder why you can't...

How to Make the Most Out of Giving and Receiving Apologies in Close Relationships?

  Whenever thirty-six-year-old Danny saw his twenty-nine-year-old partner Liz upset and crying about something he didn’t do, or...

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