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Jeanette R.

I am a psychologist and expert on mind-body health issues and relationship stress. My blog tells real life stories of people that are challenged by relationship stress and intimacy issues that affect their health, including eating and weight problems, hair loss, frequent colds, sore throats and... Full Bio
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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Marital Satisfaction?

  Sleeping in the same bed with her partner Damien at night could be ‘heavenly’ or ‘beastly’ for thirty-seven-year-old  florist,...

How To Behave When You Start Dating Again After A Break

    Are you getting ready to re-enter the dating scene after a break or finding yourself newly single after a divorce or separation...

Do you have to choose between romance and a good mate?

    Are you frustrated with having good dates in your life but no one that sparks that romantic fire? Do you find yourself...

Procrastinating about an ambition may be the key to authentic success!

  At 38 years of age April was divorced with two preteens and a boring job that paid the bills. But she was no nearer realizing...

Dealing with Jealousy when your partner is attracted to someone else

  photograph copyright, Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D. Twenty-six year old salad bar manager Dominque’s stomach churned as she pictured...

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