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Jayson H. Registered Dietician

St. Charles, Missouri
My name is Jayson Hunter. I'm the creator of the Dramatic Dress Size Reduction Diet. As a registered dietitian and personal fitness trainer with over ten years of experience I've seen just about every gimmick, fad diet and miracle pill women have tried to lose dress sizes and inches fast. And... Full Bio
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Jun 17 2009 by Drop2-3Sizes
Hi Jayson, you may be interested in a hot new product that allows you to drop up to 3 sizes instantly, in less than 10 minutes without surgery.  Check out my website at  Its a 2 Step system that is revolutionary!
Apr 02 2008 by Jayson H.

Thank you for the compliment.  Nutrition is actually pretty simple, but the hardest part is having the motivation and dedication to make the right decisions. 


Apr 01 2008 by Annie H.

Hello! I have been reading your bathin suit season strategies and I have to admit that they are very simple, yet creative and reasonable. Thanks for posting!