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Colorado Springs, Colorado
I'm a 26 year old with Celiac's Disease and Fibromyalgia. I'm trying to live life to its fullest as I start to get my life back on track.
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So apparently Buffalo Wild Wings has been getting a ton of hits on my blog, which is great. But what I want to know is what other restaurants are...

menu listings

Menu listings have been updated! Please check them out here !


Most of the move to the new format is in place, but a few things will still be moved, while others, especially posting with comments will stay...


Still trying to work out a few kinks with the blog, so please continue to bear with me! Please look for posts again coming in May!

New Layout

I've updated some menus and postings on restaurants as well as I'm working on a new layout to make navigating through the recipes, grocery finds...

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