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Inflammation & Pain

Stop for a moment. Reflect. Can you recall what it feels like to stand barefoot on warm, soft grass or sand? Most of us feel good when we’re...

Candida Albicans Help

Decades ago I suffered from a severe imbalance of candida albicans. I lived with food cravings and mood swings, phantom aches, and too often a...

The secret to perfect summer legs

There certainly has been much buzz in recent years regarding healthy alternatives for body care. You have found a lot on the subject here as well....

Toxic Burden: Women Put 515 Chemicals on

The days are getting sunnier and that makes everyone's smile a little brighter. About our smiles, we wear them on our faces. That canvas, our...

Cellulite Be Gone!

Castor oil is known to stimulate lymphatic drainage. This allows for the evacuation of cellulite once broken down, also by the castor oil! Pretty...

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