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Janis Bell

I've had ME-CFS since 1987. Over the course of 22 years, I've tried numerous conventional and alternative therapies. I brought myself to near wellness three times (able to put in a full day and go biking and running), and each time had unusual stresses that sent me spiraling downhill into a more... Full Bio
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May 22 2011 by Alex G.

Hi Janis,

Where do you get your urine sulphate test strips?






Apr 05 2010 by Jason K.
Nov 22 2009 by Sophie Meredith

Hey Janis,

Yeah, it's great to have found you, too. I have had a rough crash over the last 5 days after doing 2 full sessions of yoga (1.5 hours at  a time, 2 days in a row). How are things going with your practice? I build up gently, gently... and then, one day, feel fitter and go too far! 

 I think focussing on the meditation and pranayama, though, is consistently building an inner strength. I will check out some more of your articles now..