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Pomegranate Love

“I felt my heart crack slowly like a pomegranate, spilling its seeds.” ~ from   by Trebor Healey  (contemporary American poet and...

Easy Bean Burritos

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” ~ Aristotle, Greek philosopher and physician, 384-322 B.C. In the not too distant...

Once upon a pear

“If you do not want to reap the fruits of sin, stay out of the devil’s orchard!” ~ unk The farmers markets are in full swing...

Pumpkin Ice Cream (egg- and dairy-free)

There was a little frost on the pumpkin this morning for the first time this season – and more than a little snow on the mountain....

An Accidental Pudding

“If you do your fair day’s work, you are certain to get your fair day’s wage – in praise or pudding, whichever happens to suit your...

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