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Health Maven's Answer
Read Dr. Myra Milani's response. Also, determine if your dog is ill. If so, see a... more
Jul 07 2010 10:55am
When I, or my dogs, take antibiotics (which we generally do when there's no other... more
Jul 07 2010 10:48am
It depends on where the yeast is. A great product for yeast in ears is Zymox. It's... more
Jul 07 2010 10:45am
I'd suspect back pain. Find a chiropractor treating dogs and other specialists, see... more
Jul 07 2010 10:43am
Infectious disease specialist, Dr. Richard L. Oehler, “recommends hand washing or... more
Jul 07 2010 10:19am
Why would anyone recommend a product that was ousted from the market by "suggestion"... more
Jul 07 2010 10:15am
I think you need to take your dog to an ophthalmologist. That discharge can be... more
May 26 2010 10:42am
Tear staining is common in Bichons and many other breeds. It just shows more on the... more
May 26 2010 10:39am
When my dog had a bad cough, hydrocodone was ineffective. I also prefer natural... more
Dec 24 2009 9:07am
Is your dog really chewing them? Or is he sucking and licking? If it's the latter,... more
Apr 17 2009 9:04am