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Aug 31 2010 by Libby's mom
I have an adorable 45 pound 19 week old Lab She is weeting her crate or our bed in her sleep. Not a big puddle just enough to soak everything. She is totally asleep! I have tried taking her out before bed and she does pee. It is worse if she has been very active and is really tiered. The vet says nothing is wrong so now what?
May 06 2009 by BB

I saw you with your two adorable maltese and thought you might could help me.

I took my 10 1/2 year old maltese to the vet today and was told he had a heart murmur.  This is all very new to me. Do you know if this is something common in the breed? 

The vet suggested I take him to a cardiologist because he goes to vet on a regular basis and they have never heard before, it is large.


Apr 17 2009 by Jan R.
Are you saying they are flat and dark like human moles? Or are they flesh-colored little nodules that grow larger over time?

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