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What Happens when Mom doesn't use walker

Wow - she fell HARD on the sidewalk.  Has a horrible "egg" on her forhead and the bruising is quickly sliding down into her eyes and cheeks.  Does...

What agents do others use to stop the severe bleeding from coumadin?

My mother-in-law is a long term coumadin user after a valve replacement in '92.  Her skin is fragile and she bleeds easily.  What will stop the...
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Apr 11 2009 by Jan
Mom is struggling right now - and it's probably depression from being without Dad.  The doctor gave her some medications for her pain that help her sleep, but she's getting reflective and quiet. 
Apr 08 2009 by Jan
My husband and I moved to be near his parents a few years ago.  Dad has since died of Alzheimer's, but Mom is still hanging in, even with heart problems.  We make sure we know what's going on, we take on tasks for her, and even go to MD visits with her.  Just like all other family care providers, we worry a lot too.


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