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James M.

Pontiac, Michigan
Hi! I'm tired of getting winded walking up the stairs or breaking out in a sweat doing the simplest tasks. I believe my weight is at an all-time high for me... and I seriously feel like I'm pushing maximum density. I need to do something NOW about my weight! I have a hard time staying away from food, so I've decided to add exercise as a first step. And I will do my best to get to bed at a decent hour from now on (although that will be hard for me). Cheer me on please! And a special... Full Bio
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Apr 23 2008 by Larissa
Hi James, I'm Larisa, the Community Evangelist. I came across your profile and started laughing when I read your comment about eating ice cream while updating your profile. Thanks for the good laugh! I have a weakness for ice cream, so now I buy frozen yogurt or sorbet, so I can still enjoy it.
Apr 18 2008 by Jan W.

Yeah, the treadmill in front of the TV is THE way to go!  I would be SOOO much more inclined (pun intended) to walk if I could catch up on my TiVo'd shows at the same time!  Alas, JJ broke our treadmill--and it can't be fixed!  The frame is broken,  so it's dead and gone--but not buried yet.  Cause you can't put a treadmill out on the sidewalk for trashday.  ;-)  Also, not sure we can replace it because I haven't been able to find one that folds up straight and fits into the "armoire" that we bought as a set with the other one.  I keep trying to remember that the sidewalk is free....

Apr 17 2008 by Jan W.
Forgot to tell you how much I love your picture!  ;-)
Apr 17 2008 by Jan W.
Just viewed your progress chart.  Great start!  Where are you walking, and what do you do when you walk (ie, listen to music, meditate)?
Apr 17 2008 by James M.
I went to town with my exercise today... trying to make up for the days that I sat on my ass.
Apr 17 2008 by James M.
How wrong is it to be sitting here, updating my account, with a spoon and an open container of Breyer's?  I so badly want to just let it melt, but for some reason, my brain won't let me.  ;)