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James M.

Pontiac, Michigan
Hi! I'm tired of getting winded walking up the stairs or breaking out in a sweat doing the simplest tasks. I believe my weight is at an all-time high for me... and I seriously feel like I'm pushing maximum density. I need to do something NOW about my weight! I have a hard time staying away from food, so I've decided to add exercise as a first step. And I will do my best to get to bed at a decent hour from now on (although that will be hard for me). Cheer me on please! And a special... Full Bio
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Pontiac, Michigan
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Apr 23 2008 by Larissa
Hi James, I'm Larisa, the Community Evangelist. I came across your profile and started laughing when I read your comment about eating ice cream while updating your profile. Thanks for the good laugh! I have a weakness for ice cream, so now I buy frozen yogurt or sorbet, so I can still enjoy it.
Apr 18 2008 by Jan W.

Yeah, the treadmill in front of the TV is THE way to go!  I would be SOOO much more inclined (pun intended) to walk if I could catch up on my TiVo'd shows at the same time!  Alas, JJ broke our treadmill--and it can't be fixed!  The frame is broken,  so it's dead and gone--but not buried yet.  Cause you can't put a treadmill out on the sidewalk for trashday.  ;-)  Also, not sure we can replace it because I haven't been able to find one that folds up straight and fits into the "armoire" that we bought as a set with the other one.  I keep trying to remember that the sidewalk is free....

Apr 17 2008 by Jan W.
Forgot to tell you how much I love your picture!  ;-)

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