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I'm a contributing writer to Planet Muscle Magazine. My books "Strength and Physique" volumes 1 and 2 are available on
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Body Weight Only Programs

Q: Great article on !  I notice Week 3 is missing.  Would you recommend completing week 1-2 program in week 3 or is week 3 a week...

Olympic Lifting for the Ectomorph

Hello... Trying to find your routine on Olympic lifts, 3x3 routine from about two years ago... Can you send me the link to...

New Article at T-Nation: High Tension, Big Muscle

It's been awhile since I've written an article, but I have a new one at T-Nation titled Create Tension, Build More Muscle . This article goes...

Self Assisted Negative Pull-ups

If you can't do pull-ups, but want to build up the strength to do them, then do negative pull-ups. The strength building tactic shown...

Strength Curve Trisets for the Biceps

Want massively pumped biceps?  This strength curve triset will blast every fiber in the biceps, making them swell up in size.

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