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I too as my friend Terry did, am moving over to more cleaner pastures. I have just imported my blog over at Wordpress in hopes that I can escape...

My Good, Bad & Ugly Self

I, am a realist.... I believe the only way you can address a problem is to admit you have one. I believe that life is full of teaching...

My disjointed thoughts on the so-called Ground Zero Mosque

This post (title included) in it's entirety was written by a college classmate of mine and posted as a note on his Facebook page. I have nothing...

What A Difference A Couple of Years Makes

This Added To This Which was multiplied by this Equals a Happy 2yr Anniversary!!!! I thank God that...

Introduing Miss Tabron Reese Thomas

My sincerest apologies for posting pictures so late of our newest addition to the Thomas family, but as you can imagine, life for me has...

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