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Hi. I was wondering how I limit the amount that I eat at night. I always feel like I need to eat more. I am only 23 years old

I am 23 years old and I am over 200 lbs.  I would like to find a safe and appropriate diet for myself.  I also would like to find a good exercise...
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Aug 29 2009 by Amor S.
I eat at night too, mostly not the healthy stuff.  I really like chocolate before going to bed.  So one solution is not to have it around.  I also will eat cereal before bed too.  There are many reasons one might feel they need to eat at night, sometimes it's the thing to do in front of the TV, or it may be addressing an emotional needs - eating behavior is pretty complex.  But to break it down simply, if you don't exercise regularly now, the best way to start on your own, is a walking program.  For diet, the simplest, often hardest because the easiest foods to eat aren't fruits and vegetables, but increasing the level of fruit and vegetables in your diet will take you a long way toward your very doable goal of 30 pounds by the end of the year.  Here are 2 sites that will help you understand this. and


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