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Monroe, Louisiana
I am a true Southern girl with all the manners and love doing for others. My hobbie is riding sportbikes. I've been into sportbikes since 2003, and am on my way to my third bike.  I majored in Psychology, I am a writer, a mother of 3 and wife to my best friend of 19 years. I have only recently come to terms with the fact that I have been suffering from Bipolar Disorder for the last 23 years.
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Nashville, Tennessee
Matt is in university for and M.ED in Special Education: Learning, Literacy and Writing, though he wants an MFA in Poetry at some point. A student of psychology and English in undergrad, Matt has been Diagnosed Bipolas-NOS, and writes about how the illness impacts his life on a constant basis.


hinesville, Georgia


Krakow, Poland
Hi. I'm Vipler. I am interesting depression problems and treatments.